“Releasing the Genie”

Front cover art and title of soon to be released Erotic Poetry Anthology  compiled by Evie Wood and Marilyn Arnold.  Featuring poetry from Marilyn and Evie and the Tasmanian Poetry Pedlars Community.  We were overwhelmed with the wonderful response from poets, so much so that Erotic Anthology Volume 2 is now being discussed.

From the soon to be published book – here are some sneak peeks of a couple of short poems by Evie Wood.

I’d like to……..

..make a square meal

out of your round offerings

he said

give me a morsel of

your tasty triangle

let me give you

hot cylindrical delights

as I lay the table

with you

my sushi platter

and me

your steak tartare lover

© Evie Wood….2017

Fresh Pastry

i’m no lamington lady

nor cupcake cutie

no pavlova princess

yet my sponges never flop

i’m lewd lecherous

luscious lascivious

basically a take-away tart

with ripe cherries on top

© Evie Wood….2017


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