“RELEASING THE GENIE” – books now available

Just hot off the printing press – ha ha – is the recently compiled erotic poetry anthology. Co-edited and co-authored by Evie Wood and Marilyn Arnold with sixteen other fine poets contributing.  The poets are:- Allan Lake, Alan Taylor, Vicki Riette, Carol Easton, Joy Elizabeth, Joan Webb, Nancy Jean Corbett, Michelle Maulette-Evans, Bruce Penn, Mark Phillip Liston, Colin Berry, Yvonne Gluyas, Mike Watson, Mala Ranu-Anthony, Shirleyanne, and Libby Luttmer.

Copies are available to purchase – please email to = eviewoodspoetry@gmail.com

$10.00 per book plus $2.00 postage cost.

Cover artwork by Evie Wood and layout engineered and mastered to perfection by Marilyn Arnold.

Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of poems to start with from Joy Elizabeth and Evie

Red for Danger

She wore red.

Her breast flamed brilliantly

and the air hummed.


She sat in my kitchen

scorching holes in my safety net

but even in my molten form

I slid away.


I’m back now

my familiar figure shaped from memory

though the exterior’s fireproof.


Yesterday she sat in my kitchen.

The air was ordinary

and she wore brown.

© Joy Elizabeth



I am a he-cat

And you my catnip

My aphrodisiac

Stretched out

Rolling on the ground

Languid and lolling

The hot sun

Melting my bones


The pungent scent of you

Smeared over my mouth

Wet and shining

As I nibble and rub


My whiskers covered in

Glistening drool

Play-biting licking sucking

I cannot get enough

Until your rain comes

Flooding over my face

Drenching my senses

Satiating my lust

Me the he-cat

You my catnip 

©  Evie Wood







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